This year I’m finally I’m joining @childhoodweekevent created by one of my favourite artist! It’s my first time and I hope I can make it:)! 
Day 1 of @childhoodweekevent - PACT. It’s a hidden white chocolate silence pact:D. When I was a kid on my first school trip me and my friend were in bunk beds room with 4 other girls. We had a hidden white chocolate that we ate in secret on her bed:D. It’s not a fancy or magical memory but I cheerish it so much:D.
Day 2 of @childhoodweekevent - FRESH. I remember that for years I used to pick up the first strawberry in the garden and ear it fresh of the bush. I waited as long as I could but usually ended up eating it still half green:D. First strawberry marked the beginning of summer and tasted like sun and vacation.
Day 3 of @childhoodweekevent - MISSION. I used to have a secret misssion - I was fighting SKULLS, evil beings that plotted to destroy the world. I was the only one who was able to hear their messages in the wind and stop them. Not to brag about it but I did saved the world...:D Proof? We are all still here, aren’t we xD?
Day 4 of @childhoodweekevent - TEAM. Me and my best friend (the one from the chocolate story) used to have secret team AMK! We did everything together, leaving our mark on places, invent stories for hours, sleepovers, and I wrote tons of Beyblade or Pokemon fanficks with our team as main protagonists. And after 20 years since then we are still friends and in fact we are meeting today to invent new stories and to team up as group of warriors wondering through Gloomhaven streets and dungeons. I guess some things don’t change:)...
Day 5 of @childhoodweekevent - THUNDER. When I was little we used to go out on the porch to watch thunders. They were something magnificent, stunning, something to be watched in silence. It felt so good to know that no matter what storm is raging outside I was safe at home. I think it’s because of that I was never afraid of the storm and I like rain so much. It gives me peace to this day and sleep like baby when there is storm outside:D.
Day 6 of @childhoodweekevent - POWER. I think this one is kind of self explenatory:D. I HAVE THE POWAAAAAAH!!! Tutututu tutututtu tutututu tu tuuu (melody from He-man plays in the background):D 🔊
Day 7 of @childhoodweekevent - SUMMER LITTLE ME. When I was very small we used to go to my grandparend’s friend’s place who had house over the sea. I hated the beach so much! Sand was going in to my eyes all the time! Loud, boring, people dinking, babies crying, sea being way too cold and the heat - awful, it reminds me of being on a frying pan. And I hated getting burned from the sun and didn’t liked sunbathing so I cover myself up with a blanket and waited it out. I still hate heat and absolutely hate the beach:D. Not a big fan of Baltic sea too. I’m more of forest and spring person to be honest:D.
This is the end of the challenge, I had a blast doing these and remebering all this memories once again. I was sure I wouldn’t make it, but here I am! I’m definitely gonna participate next year too:D. Thanks to amazing for organizing this! I’ve seen so many great entries and found new people who mesemerized me with their art. Congrats to all who participated, see you next year:)!

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